Super Bowl 51 Predictions

There are certain times a year where everyone around the world will take time to sit down with friends and loved ones for the same reason. Whether it’s for a tragedy, holidays like Christmas, or of course, the Super Bowl. It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is one of the most watched events around the globe. It’s a time when people kick back with a cold beverage in one hand, and a chicken wing in the other. While you may end up being one of the many people that ends up eating the estimated 167 million pounds of wings consumed this Sunday, let’s discuss the biggest question other than what political stance Lady Gaga may take during her halftime show…who’s going to win Super Bowl 51?

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For a record seventh time, Tom Brady will be competing in the Super Bowl. This year’s game in particular will be one where Pats fans are dying to see Roger Goodell hand over the Lombardi trophy to Brady. Their opponent? An offensive powerhouse, who after years of just falling short, have finally arrived, as Matt Ryan’s Falcons look to win their first ever title for the city of Atlanta.

Some predict that this championship game could be one of the highest scoring championship games of all time. While both defenses aren’t bad, they don’t compare to the defenses of Seattle or Houston. The biggest question will be how New England covers Atlanta’s elite wide out Julio Jones, who has said that no one can stop him one-on-one. He has a point after coming off one of the most dominant performances in conference championship history after destroying the Green Bay Packers defense.

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Here are The College Tailgate’s predictions for Super Bowl 51 between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons

The only way which the New England Patriots have any chance to win this game is if they can get to Matt Ryan. Simply put, if they get to Ryan, then he cannot throw to Julio Jones. Also take into account that Matt Ryan wasn’t afraid to run the ball, and take a hit when he scored a 14 yard touchdown run in the NFC Championship game against Green Bay that had Falcons fans feeling as if they were watching former quarterback Michael Vick. While Tom Brady is a professional and is solely focused on winning, he is also playing to solidify his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time. While both teams have their strengths, their weakness’s are almost the same, which is why I predict this game will be one that will be remembered for years to come.
Patriots win 34-30.

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With 95% of football fans behind them, the Atlanta Falcons pull the upset over the First Order New England Patriots. Tom Brady’s winning percentage in the big game drops his third Super Bowl to a lesser team is eliminated from “greatest of all time” contention. President Trump, incensed that he won’t be getting the Super Bowl ring that Patriots owner Robert Kraft promised him, declares the game a “fraud” on Twitter. He orders the FBI to investigate the NFL and its officiating which results in a lawsuit by Trump and Kraft against Roger Goodell. The lawsuit bankrupts the NFL and results in Trump’s approval rating dropping to a staggering -23% before 2018.
Falcons win 38-32

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The Falcons and the Patriots play a grueling, hard hitting game. Mysteriously, all of the Falcons players refuse to take off their helmets for the duration of the game. As the fourth quarter comes to a close, the score is tied 26-26, and overtime is forced. The Falcons get the ball, and immediately drive down the field to score the game winning touchdown. As the ball sails through the uprights, the Falcons players charge the field and celebrate. Suddenly, as everyone converges at midfield, at long last the Falcons remove their helmets, to reveal that they were in fact the entire Washington Redskins the entire time. They had simply kidnapped, and locked up the Falcons players in the locker room. Kirk Cousins exudes a rousing “YOU LIKE THAT?” as he raises the Lombardi Trophy. Shortly after the game, the “Falcons” are forced to forfeit, and the Patriots win yet another Super Bowl.
Falcons win 33-26, but are then forced to forfeit the trophy to the Pats.

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Grant Becker
Matt Ryan plays lights out and keeps the Falcons ahead while Vic Beasley keeps Tom Brady in check for most of the game. But in the fourth quarter Brady turns it on and comes up with a legendary drive to add to his legacy.
Patriots win 27-23.

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