NBA Finals characters as HGTV personalities

The NBA Finals are in full swing which means we are at peak basketball right now. We, as a nation, are also at peak HGTV right now, because HGTV is always on the top of its game.

It’s time someone finally attempted to connect these two beautiful universes. It’s time to answer the burning question that’s been sweeping our nation: which NBA personality is the soulmate to the top HGTV stars? Don’t worry, America, I will use my intricate knowledge of these two subjects to finally put to bed this fierce debate.

Let’s do this.

LeBron James: Nicole Curtis, host of Rehab Addict

For most of the NBA’s regular-season, LeBron’s Cavaliers were a second thought to the greatness that was the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. Everyone knew about them and knew they were good, but they were overshadowed for the most part.

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Nicole Curtis, can relate. Nicole is arguably the best individual star on HGTV, but doesn’t receive the same attention of Property Brothers or Fixer Upper because she’s basically on her own. Specializing in historic, run-down houses, Nicole renovates them into masterpieces. Nicole carries the burden of putting on a great show and renovation herself, something I don’t think any other star on HGTV could do. LeBron has experience in carrying the burden on his own.

Bonus similarity: both could beat me up.

(Also, LeBron hung out and helped renovate a house in Akron with Nicole. Go figure!)


Steph Curry & Klay Thompson: Jonathan & Drew Scott, co-hosts of Property Brothers

Splash Brothers = Property Brothers, it just makes sense. The comparison also works on a deeper level. Just like how the Warriors with Curry and Thompson have become the main attraction for the NBA, Property Brothers has become the juggernaut of HGTV.

Rising on the star power of their sibling hosts, Jon and Drew Scott, Property Brothers changed HGTV, just like the Warriors and their splash brothers changed the NBA. It’s impossible to turn off a Golden State game because of Curry & Thompson, the same way it is impossible to turn off a Property Brothers episode.


Kevin Love: Chip Gaines, co-host of Fixer Upper

Really goofy dudes that at first you find annoying, but eventually wear you down until you find them charmingly weird. I mean, look at what Kevin Love considered an appropriate hairstyle in 2015.

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God help that man. Also, Chip Gaines once ate a cockroach for $50 on the show.

What a hero.


JR Smith: Joanna Gaines, co-host of Fixer Upper

I can’t think of two more different people in this world than Jo-Jo Gaines and JR Smith. For some reason, though, this comparison makes sense. Must be because they are both 100% marriage material.

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Thinking about these two really makes me wish that when JR retires he’ll move to Waco, Texas and hire Joanna to fix him up a house. That would be the peak of TV as a medium.

Draymond Green: Tarek & Christina El Moussa, hosts of Flip or Flop

Draymond has quickly become the most disliked player on the Warriors. Tarek & Christina are easily the most disliked hosts on HGTV. Let’s hope though Tarek & Christina don’t start kicking their clients if they end up not liking the house they just flipped.


Steve Kerr: David Visentin, co-host of Love It or List It

Steve Kerr just looks like a real-estate agent. He’s even got that real-estate agent snarky-humor that David is known for.


Tyronn Lue: The narrator from every House Hunters episode

You know the one I’m talking about, that female voice that always recaps what happened when Hunters comes back from commercial. Coach Lue is like her, not really contributing anything to the product but just kind of there acting like he’s holding everything together when he could disappear and there would be no visible changes. Mostly there for show.

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