Below the Rim

Grant Becker, Michael Gilbert and Connor Basch discuss the rise of the Blazers, the Joe Johnson “sweepstakes,” and the Pelicans. They also buy and sell stocks of Eastern Conference playoff teams and play NBA “Would You Rather?”

Ryan Patterson and Grant Becker discuss all star weekend and break down what happened at the trade deadline. They also answer three big questions. What’s wrong with the Bulls? Where do the Grizzlies go from here? And what would you do if you ran the Nets?

Grant Becker, Ryan Patterson and Michael Gilbert get together for the second episode of the Below The Rim podcast. They discuss the Kevin Durant to Golden State rumors, the Rockets struggles, the Bucks trade rumors and the dunk contest.

On The College Tailgate’s first ever podcast Grant Becker and Ryan Patterson break down the NBA playoff race, discuss the Blake Griffin incident, praise a few unheralded rookies and touch on a few possible trades.

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