What’s the Score?

Welcome to ‘What’s the Score?’! The show that puts contestants to the test with their sports knowledge. Think you remember how many touchdowns were scored last week or what athlete said something outrageous after a game? Become a contestant and join Baxter Colburn, Josh Scheibe, and different panelists each week!

Want to become a contestant? E-mail the show:  wtssportsquiz@gmail.com.

What’s the Score? welcomes a new face to the panel this week as 540 ESPN’s Gabe Neitzel makes his debut. He joins fan favorites, Grant Coppersmith and Ken Williams. Johnny Manziel trashes Ken’s house, Grant is moving to Australia and Gabe tries his hand at the Name 5 Panelist Showdown. It’s a show that had Game Master Scheibe and Host Baxter laughing the entire time. Don’t miss it!

Our panelists this week are Erik Condia, Chuck Kreckel, Ian DeMarse, and Nick Zurich. Games about Kobe, the NFL Schedule and other exciting things about this past week in Sports News!
Our panelists this week are Peter Wilt, Dan Pfeifer and Daniel Schoettler. We go to the movies and even have some fun with quotes from this week’s news.
What’s the Score? The Sports News Quiz takes a week off, but Baxter and Game Master Scheibe take the time to look back at the first 14 shows. The guys share behind the scenes highlights, bloopers, their favorite games, and other antics.

What’s the Score? The Sports News Quiz hits the road to do a show at CrossWay Church in Germantown, Wisconsin. Six different panelists and five contestant head-to-head games makes for a terrific time, filled with lots of news, laughs and more.

Our panelists this week are Doug Russell, Mitch Vomhof, and Dan Pfeifer. While we spend most of the show trying to find Doug’s lost hair (he’s bald), Dan fields a barrage of basketball questions while Mitch complains about Millenials and Kayaking..it is really is something to hear. Our contestants play a lot of games relating to money and somehow Donald Trump finds his way onto the show as well.

Another Live show for What’s the Score?! While our contestants all come away with some great prizes, our panelists battle each other in our Name 5 Panelist showdown. Michael Cyr, Grant Coppersmith and Chris Gibbons give their best attempt win the panelist showdown but are more focused on insulting each other based on the team they each support. Needless to say, this is one of the more interesting shows in WTS history.

What’s the Score? does our first LIVE show! Not only is it our tenth episode but we also take another big step for our show. We play with contestants from Indiana, England and Wisconsin. Our panelists this week are Megan Landvatter, Dan Pfeifer and Mitch Vomhof.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Our panelists get shot with Cupids sports love arrow and fight for Game Master Scheibe’s affection in our Panelist Showdown. Aside from that, three contestants play our games this week in order to take home our exciting prizes. Our panelists this week are Nick Zurich, Doug Russell and Michael Cyr. Find out who takes home the trophy and who misses a last second field.

It’s time for our Super Bowl show! Game Master Josh Scheibe and Host Baxter Colburn bring the latest and greatest news about the big game to this week’s show. Our panel this week includes Erik Condia, Mitch Vomhof and Ian Demarse. Despite the bitter college rivalry between Ian and Erik, the guys manage to keep things together on the air, for the most part. Sports Taboo debut’s and brings a new challenge for our contestants and panelists this week. Find out who takes home the “Name 5 Panelist Showdown” and if Game Master Scheibe wore his sparking Janet Jackson inspired top or not.

Dan Pfeifer rejoins the panel this week along with Mac Yerks and Nick Zurich. While the panelists battle it out for a spot on the “Panelist Leaderboard” we welcome in three new contestants to play games about the future, mascots and interesting things people said during the week. Game Master Scheibe even imagines what Host Baxter Colburn would look like in a grass skirt…

Ken Williams joins Connor Christensen and Andrew Flegel this week. With a new “Panelist Leaderboard” spot up for grabs, our panelists put together an impressive run of answers in the “Panelist Showdown”. Our contestants this week play games titled “Quotable Context, Harbaugh and Chill and Who’s Who?” Join us for laughter, sports, and everything else in between!

The fifth show of What’s the Score? comes with a lot of laughs, new panelist’s and a new nickname for Game Master Scheibe that he forever hates Baxter for. You won’t want to miss Dan Pfeifer, Mitch Vomhof, and Connor Christensen battling it out in our “Name 5 Panelist Showdown” or our first ever “Head-to-Head” game with two contestants and the latest news about NFL Head Coaches. We even venture into the music world with our latest single, “Hotline Tweet”.

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