Making A Case For Chip Kelly as 49ers Head Coach

Chip Kelly, San Francisco

Chip Kelly, former Oregon Ducks Head Coach, aka Big Balls Chip, is now in charge of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West division. This either screams excitement or 49er fans shaking their hands.

Kelly now holds the reigns of one of the most decorated franchises in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers and the fans are eager to get back to their winning ways.

You should hear the fans cheering from all the way from California due to his successful college coaching career, right? RIGHT? That’s not the case yet. Chip Kelly is rumored to be a middle of the pack head coach. He will be placed on the hot seat right away if he is not able to turn the tables for the 49ers as quickly as possible.

It’s easy to fall in line with the critics on dismissing Chip Kelly as a coach. Kelly has a career record of 26-21. As a fan of San Francisco, that’s not the type of coaching success fans want especially after an inconsistent three-year tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles. Now both teams have, in some cases, been a laughingstock in the NFL. (Sorry Eagles and Niners fans, unfortunately it’s true.)

This is a pairing that intrigues as well as it frightens most supporting the Bay Area organization. The 49ers decision to combine a rumored egotistical coach with an impatient front office and fans doesn’t seem to mix well. Nevertheless, this move proves San Francisco wants to make bigger and better strides for the franchise, and ultimately put themselves into a position to earn a sixth super bowl ring. Look, something hasn’t been working well with the coaching staff and the front office. Harbaugh and Tomsula both got the nix after not truly getting a chance to show their potential.

Making The Case For Chip Kelly: 3 Reasons It’s Good For San Fran

1. Somewhat Proven Winner

Kelly now gets thrown into the fire of a 49ers team that just finished 5-11. The former Eagles head coach has been in this boat before taking over the Philly based team when they held a record of 4-12.

To Kelly’s credit, he produced two winning seasons in 3 years. That breaks the myth that Chip couldn’t produce a winning environment. He shaped the Philadelphia Eagles and formed a sharper, more polished team that is headed in the right direction. That being said, you could distinguish the Philadelphia Eagles as a mediocre squad that only rose out of the ashes of a division that has had its troubles in recent seasons.

Kelly continues to find ways to become relevant. Chip Kelly doesn’t always have everyone agreeing with every move he makes, but his persistent mindset for creating an exciting atmosphere has always been felt.

2. Personnel Moves

Okay, the Eagles bring in DeMarco Murray and after one season of that, it’s clear that move didn’t work for the Philadelphia organization after missing out on Frank Gore, who had signed a tentative deal beforehand. In addition to Murray, it took Sam Bradford a while to get comfortable under the helm in Philly.

Nevertheless, give Kelly credit for his ability to bolster and improve some of the defensive players for his system. A forgotten cornerback, Walter Thurmond converted into a safety which worked well, and rookie inside linebacker Jordan Hicks was a defensive rookie of the year candidate and contributed well all year until he tore a muscle. Lastly, Eric Rowe was working his way up on the outside, covering guys like Beckham, Watkins and John Brown fairly well all year.

3. EGO

This brings up an excellent point for the all the fans that want to dismiss Kelly as soon as possible. Ego helped San Francisco when Harbaugh was the head coach for the 49ers. I think the SF front office sees something most fans don’t and I believe it’s in the best interest of those closest to the organization to understand that the head honchos might have made an excellent choice. Tomsula wasn’t going to get it done, that was a fact from day one. Kelly might have the works to change gears for San Francisco and get them out of the gates next season less sluggish. I’m not overly-optimistic on immediate change, but I give Kelly two years and in his sophomore year, Kelly will be a guy who takes control and will make crucial decisions that help the team.

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