Who is Bob Quinn?

The question that probably 90 percent of Lions fans asked when Bob Quinn was first interviewed by the Detroit Lions for the open GM spot. Not even the Patriots fans I asked about him knew who he was.

Seriously though, no one really knows what he did in New England. We know that he’s been there since 2000, same year as Bill Belichick, and rose through the ranks from a player personnel assistant, to a scout, to the director of pro scouting, serving that role from 2012-2015. But that’s it. As you can imagine, the Patriots play things pretty close to the vest, so there’s no information available on what projects he specifically served on. However the key is how much has he contributed to the Patriots dominance over the past 15 years?

Well for starters, it’s pretty impressive to last in one place for over a decade in one place in today’s NFL, especially with an organization that benches players the week after scoring four touchdowns in a game. Clearly he has the trust of Belichick and owner Robert Kraft, so he must’ve done something right. At the same time, the Patriots are letting him go and to the Lions of all teams. What if they just secretly hated him and wanted him gone, but made sure he didn’t go to a real threat of a team? These are real thoughts I’m having, thanks Lions.

With that being said, success breeds success, and I’m praying  willing to bet that he learned SOMETHING in his meetings with the Patriots. Like how to hijack the opposing teams radio communication or learned Navajo code talker techniques. Those are the things the Lions need in a GM, because clearly traditional methods aren’t working.

I’m a little bit bothered by his lack of experience in a GM role, but hey at least he clearly has player development experience and knows what to see in college and pro players. Matt Millen had neither when he was given the keys in 2001, so I guess this is a step up from that.

Unfortunately I think we’re just going to have to trust Ernie Accorsi, Rod Wood and the Fords on this one. I’m sure that many of the questions that Lions fans have now were answered in the interview and will be answered when he meets the press. Both of these statements make me want to puke.

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