Why the Dallas Cowboys must cut Greg Hardy

The chances the Cowboys make the playoffs this year fade more and more as the NFL season goes on. Tony Romo has yet to come back from his injury, starting running back Joseph Randle was cut from the team for unknown reasons, and most recently, Dez Bryant went on a tirade toward reporters in the locker room. Despite a current state of dysfunction including six straight losses, the Cowboys remain only 2.5 games back of the leader in the woeful NFC East. However, not even the usual suspects of Romo, Randle, and Bryant haven’t been the biggest story in Dallas the past couple weeks. That would be Greg Hardy. On Nov. 5, Hardy’s domestic violence charges were expunged from his criminal record and wiped clean. The next day sports blog Deadspin released police photos of the night Hardy was arrested, showing the damage he gave his girlfriend, at the time, Nicole Holder. The photos were very graphic, showing cuts and bruises all over her body.

This whole Greg Hardy situation has made my head spin ever since it started and the only thing I can come up with right now is this: how is Greg Hardy still playing for the Cowboys? The release of the photos sounds familiar, mainly from when the video showing Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious was released. Rice had been suspended two games, then after the video was released suspended indefinitely and cut from the Ravens. Hardy played in one game with the Panthers before being placed on the NFL’s exempt list, meaning he was suspended until taken off, but could still receive his salary. Hardy became a free agent at the end of the season and signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys for the 2015 season.

After the release of these photos last Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had said he even wanted to sign Hardy long-term and that he was a “true leader.” The train wreck that is the Cowboy’s season has been sad to watch, but having Greg Hardy on the field is worse. I can understand Jerry only thinking about football and what’s best for his team, but having the cancer that Hardy is representing the organization is just foolish to still have him around. Obviously the NFL can’t punish Hardy again, as that would be a case of double jeopardy. All the NFL can do now is learn from their mistakes. I understand that people make mistakes and that everyone should get a second chance. When you act like a punk with no remorse about what you’ve done, well that’s when there is a problem.

Now you might be reading this and think, well Ray Rice was involved in a domestic abuse case. The greatest difference between Ray Rice and Greg Hardy is that Ray Rice actually showed sympathy and was apologetic for his actions. Ray Rice is a guy that deserves a second chance because he has shown how sorry and foolish he was. I’m still confused about why his girlfriend agreed to marry him after he hit her, but that’s between them, and it looks like they have made amends with each other.

Greg Hardy on the other hand has done nothing whatsoever to show he deserves a second chance. Hardy never offered a sincere apology, and even continued to sound like a despicable human being by making comments about Tom Brady’s wife. Hardy also caused a fight with Dez Bryant on the Cowboys’ sideline during a Week 7 loss to the Giants. To top it all off, sometime after Hardy’s charges were dropped, he spent his time making a rap video entitled, “I’m Just Me” in late 2014. It’s a pretty standard rap song, with money thrown everywhere, girls twerking, and Hardy pretty much laughing off and gloating he got away with a horrible crime. On Wednesday, Hardy changed his Twitter profile name to “Perfection” and his bio “Innocent until proven guilty-lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance.” All Hardy has done is add fuel to his own fire and I go back to my question at the beginning of this article, HOW IS GREG HARDY STILL PLAYING FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS? The Cowboys have a mindless punk in their locker room and Jerry Jones continues to think of Hardy only for his playing ability, not even worrying about his off the field issues.

Earlier this year the Chicago Bears signed DE Ray McDonald, who also had been charged with domestic violence. The signing was highly questionable, but after McDonald was arrested again, he was cut immediately. After the video of Ray Rice punching his wife became public, the Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice hours after its release. Last Friday after nearly 44 photos were released of Nicole Holder’s bruised body, the Cowboys did nothing. In regard to the Bears, I forgot about Ray McDonald having any affiliation with them. It’s sad, though, that in general organizations have to wait for public photos to make executive decisions. I’m happy the NFL is making some sort of movement to have stricter punishment, after they made the foolish decision to reduce Hardy’s suspension.

Plain and simple, the Cowboys need to get rid of Greg Hardy before it is too late. This season will not be remembered by the injuries, nor will it be remembered by the tumultuous season. Instead, it will be remembered by the fact that Greg Hardy was still a member of their organization. When I watch the Cowboys on game day, I would rather have them lose every game for the remainder of the season than have Greg Hardy be a factor in them winning. What this really comes down to is that people need to read between the lines. Sure Greg Hardy is a great football player, but how can you associate your team with someone who beat up a woman, threw her on a stack of assault rifles and who was begging to die so her pain could be over?

ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy said it perfectly the other night when the Clippers faced the Mavs, criticizing Dallas fans who booed DeAndre Jordan, a guy who wanted to stay with a team he knew, but still cheer for the Dallas Cowboys with Greg Hardy on the field. Jerry Jones needs to come down from “JerryWorld,” and do the right thing and try to cut any ties he or the Cowboys have with Greg Hardy. There’s the saying that “everything is bigger in Texas.” Right now, there is something bigger in Texas, and it’s that Greg Hardy is still viewed primarily as a football player, not as a domestic abuser. Truthfully, he should only be seen as pond scum.

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