25 MORE things better than Nebraska football this season

It’s become a habit for Nebraska Football to lose in heart breaking fashion this season. And this past Saturday the Wisconsin Badgers were kind enough to help the Huskers continue this trend.

After a beautiful 55-yard touchdown from fullback Andy Janovich gave Nebraska a 21-20 lead with just under four minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Husker fans everywhere were praying this would be the week they finally closed out a game. After Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone seemingly handed the game away on a silver platter by missing a field goal with under a minute and a half to play, all the Huskers had to do was run down the clock. But even that was too much to ask for as a three and out by Nebraska gave Wisconsin the ball again. After a huge catch and run by Wisconsin’s Troy Fumagalli several plays later, Gaglianone went from zero to hero, and kicked the game winning 46 yard field goal. Exhilaration for Wisconsin. Devastation for Nebraska.

Nebraska has lost their four games by a combined score of eleven points, lost each one on the opponent’s final snap, and caused the collective heart attack rate in Nebraska to skyrocket.

The Huskers must now win four of their remaining six games to become bowl eligible. While wins at Rutgers and Purdue seem likely (unless the Huskers hold a single digit lead with under a minute left to play…), victories against #7 Michigan State, #17 Iowa, #20 Northwestern, and a feisty Minnesota team do not.

Since it looks like the Huskers’ troubles may just be beginning, it’s best to try and cope with a little humor. Here’s this week’s edition of 25 things better than Nebraska football this season.

25) Allergy season.

24) Stores that start selling Christmas items in mid October.

23) People who tip good service poorly.

22) Awkwardly turning your USB stick around when you can’t insert it in the port on the first, second, or even third try.

21) People who walk too slow on the sidewalk.

20) When you sleep past your alarm.

19) When your battery runs out on your phone.

18) People who didn’t cry after watching the end of Toy Story 3.

17) Geno Smith’s fighting skills.

16) People who watch the replay of the goal they just scored on you in FIFA.

15) That one kid who doesn’t contribute in group projects.

14) The Rock’s acting abilities.

13) Taco Bell’s nutritional value.

12) Jamming your thumb.

11) The fourth season of Arrested Development.

10) Burnt toast.

9) Embarrassing yourself in front of an attractive member of the opposite gender.

8) When your notebook paper rips as you’re tearing off the edging.

7) The Chicago Bears.

6) When the laundry shrinks your clothes.

5) Sitting on an unusually warm public toilet seat.

4) Sitting on a cold toilet seat.

3) Waiting in line.

2) Nickelback.

And the number one thing better than Nebraska football this season….

1) Nebraska’s rushing defense against Melvin Gordon as he broke the NCAA record for rushing yards in a game during last year’s contest.


Gordon ran all over Nebraska's defense last year, yet some fans will tell you it was a much more pleasing experience than this year's game. (Photo courtesy of the Rally Caps)

Gordon ran all over Nebraska’s defense last year, yet some fans will tell you it was a much more pleasing experience than this year’s game. (Photo courtesy of the Rally Caps)

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