The Blackhawks Dynasty Has Only Just Begun

The answer to the two questions you are asking yourself are yes, Chicago finally has a team with a dynasty with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and it’s a hockey team. Last season, one of the teams from the famous Original Six, the Chicago Blackhawks, won their third Stanley Cup in six years, bringing their tally of Lord Stanley’s Cup to six all time.

Since the Blackhawks won the cup, a lot has happened to make the city of Chicago even happier. Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler signed a massive contract to stay in Chicago for five more years, the Chicago Cubs are currently in the playoffs for the first time in six years, making many hope that the Back to the Future Part II prediction holds true (even Pepsi Perfect is being created) and the Chicago Bears are still struggling just to win a football game – let alone completely fall apart.

pepsi perfect


Alright so two out of three isn’t bad, but don’t let the current status of the Bears, Bulls or the Cubs playoff hopes make you think that fans of the Blackhawks can’t wait to make a lot of noise at the Madhouse on Madison in the season opener on October 7th. The fans of Chicago, the coaches and the players are ready to keep the dynasty going strong through the 2015-2016 season.

It’s no secret that usually when a team wins a championship in any sport, players on those teams will usually want more money. In the end we all love sports, but for players, as much as they may love the game, it’s also a business and they have families to care and provide for. Therefore, having Stanley Cup Champion on your resume usually is an instant raise in contract negotiations. The biggest departures from the Blackhawks last season – by trade or contract negations – are former alternate captain Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya (who both went to the Dallas Stars) and Brandon Sadd (who is now with the Columbus Blue Jackets).

Players who made a huge impact in making the dynasty like captain Johnathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Corey Crawford, newly named alternate captain Brent Seabrook and Patrick Kane are all healthy and ready to start the season. The other key factor is Scott Darling, who was subbed in whenever Corey Crawford struggled. The goalie who seemed to always be a clutch player whenever his number was called set a record for most time ever in a relief appearance in a playoff game to not allow a goal…I guess his pregame ritual of bouncing himself off the glass is working. Also, the notable additions the Blackhawks have added to their team this year can’t be ignored, this includes defenseman Trevor Daley and the young left wing Artem Anisimov (who the Blackhawks hope to be the answer they have been looking for in a backup wing).

Jan 12, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) moves the puck with center Jonathan Toews (19) against the Edmonton Oilers during the second period at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

(Photo: USA Today Sports)

The biggest elephant in the room, however, is the highly publicized sexual assault case against Patrick Kane. As of now though Kane is still scheduled to play. Last season the Hawks were tested when Patrick Kane, who was tied for league scoring, was injured with a broken left clavicle and didn’t return until the postseason as the Hawks were able to rally the twenty one games Kane was out and finish with a record of 48-28-6.

The key to the Chicago Blackhawks success is the fact that already with three championships, the Blackhawks are still a young team, Duncan Keith being the oldest at only thirty-two. With each of the players having long-term contracts and still young, it only leaves the chance for this entire team’s chemistry and leadership to improve. Other than the front office of this illustrious organization and the age of its key players, the other key to success is coach Joel Quenneville.

Now, I may be a little bias being a person who has lived in the Chicago area all my life, but I will go as far to say that Joel Quenneville is the 21st century version of former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. It’s no secret that the days of “Da Coach” are missed in Chicago However with his mustache always kept in check, and his suits always able to stay in good condition despite him yelling at referees if they make a bad call, Quenneville knows how to utilize the talent he has to get them where they want to go. He has the same goal every year – to which may surprise some – and that is to win the division so they can move into the playoffs one step at a time.

ditka and quenneville

(Photo: Chicago Blackhawks)

It’s the same every year for any team who is coming off a championship season, they have a giant red target on their back and everyone is gunning to bring them down. However, now with the Blackhawks being labeled a dynasty, every team will have a bigger scouting report and strategies on how to bring the dominant Blackhawks down. Where the Blackhawks and Quenneville thrive is they don’t let the dynasty talk bother them, they simply show by their play that they deserve to be called a hockey dynasty.

For all of the Chicago Blackhawks fans, we can assume that Joel Queneville’s mustache will still be perfectly groomed, you can put money on the Cubs beating the Miami Gators, and Derrick Rose will have a healthy season. One thing we can rest assured on is that the Chicago Blackhawks dynasty is only beginning, you’ll want to get your DeLorean and flux capicator ready because this is going to be a time you’ll want to relive over and over again.

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