25 Things Better Than Nebraska Football This Season

It’s a dark time for football fans in the Cornhusker state. There was that brutal last second loss to BYU in week 1…



There was the heartbreaking overtime loss to Miami in week 3 where Nebraska’s doom was sealed by an interception from a guy named Corn Elder…


And most recently, that embarrassing loss to Illinois this past weekend…



Nebraska fans are staring at a dreadful 2-3 record, which features wins only against lowly ranked South Alabama and Southern Miss. From botched pass coverage to terrible clock management, this year’s Huskers have almost too many problems to count. Since it’s hard to compare this team to any of Nebraska’s successful teams of the past, we instead compare the 2015-2016 Huskers to several things a bit more on their level. They won’t be in the AP top 25 any time soon, but here instead is a list of the top 25 things that are better than Nebraska Football this season:

25) Stepping on something wet while wearing socks.

24) Poorly produced SyFy movies.

23) DraftKings Commercials.

22) Mondays.

21) That kid who reminds the teacher of an uncollected assignment.

20) Dallas Cowboys backup  starting quarterback Brandon Weeden.

19) People who use Bing as a search engine.

18) The 2014-2015 Marquette Basketball Team.

17) The Philadelphia 76ers.

16) The series finale of Lost.

15) Meek Mill’s disses against Drake.

14) Slow Internet connection.

13) People who don’t reply to Snapchats

12) Chip Kelly’s coaching decisions.

11) Exams you didn’t study for.

10) Robert Griffin III’s NFL career.

9) People who take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

8) The Chicago Cubs (wait…that one actually makes sense).

8) The Philadelphia Phillies (there, that’s better).

7) The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer.

6) Brussel Sprouts.

5) Third wheeling on dates.

4) Donald Trump’s combover.

3) Internet Explorer.

2) Ads before Youtube videos.

And finally…the number one thing better than this year’s Nebraska Football team….

1) Every one of Bo Pelini’s Nebraska teams.

"Bet you miss me now, don't you?" -Bo Pelini, probably.

“Bet you miss me now, don’t you?” -Bo Pelini, probably.

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