Jake Arrieta Makes Everything Okay

It’s a tough time to be a Chicago sports fan right now. Even with the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, a cloud still hangs low over the team with the allegations against Patrick Kane. It doesn’t help that, yet again, the team has had to rid itself of some important players to keep under the salary cap. And then there’s the Bulls, with a star made of glass in Derrick Rose, trying to come back with a new head coach and a hopefully turmoil-free environment. The Sox are nowhere close to the playoffs, but it’s not like anyone cares about them anyway. Perhaps worst of all, though, the Bears look like they might be on track to have one of their worst seasons in years, with a fire-sale in full effect.

Somehow, though, everything seems to be okay. That can only be because of the Chicago Cubs. This is a team that, after 107 years of failure, looks primed and ready to at the very least¬†challenge for a deep run into the playoffs. They boast a lineup of young studs, a guru of a manager in Joe Maddon, and a fan base chomping at the bit to see an end to the Curse. There’s even an air of¬†redemption in Wrigleyville, with fans starting a campaign to bring the infamous Steve Bartman back into the fold, probably as an olive branch to fate.

In all that, they’ve come away with the third best record in all of baseball. Unfortunately, they play in the NL Central, home to the only two teams with better records. That leaves the Cubs in the precarious position of having to travel to Pittsburgh for a one game playoff with the Pirates. It’s enough to set you on edge.

But still, everything seems to be okay. And that–that can only be because of Jake Arrieta. The man who anchors a pitching rotation that also features Jon Lester has evolved from quality starter to bonafide ace over the course of the season. He leads the league with a record of 22-6, and boasts the best ERA ever after the All Star Game, with a 0.75 mark. On the whole, that means the big man has a total ERA of 1.77, one of the best ever for the Cubs. With a season like that under his belt, the Cy Young isn’t too far a stretch.

That’s why Jake Arrieta makes everything okay. The numbers just can’t lie. If there were ever a person who could push the Cubs past a one game playoff against the Pirates, who could anchor a rotation that might (might!) just be able to end more than a century without a World Series, who could bring Chicago sports out of their current funk, that must be Jake Arrieta.

So on Wednesday night, when the baseball world watches to see whether the Cubs’ miracle season will continue, there can only be one person on the mound. And that man is Jake Arrieta.

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