Week 1 Overreactions for the Average Fan

With one weekend of college football in the books, plenty of fans are already overreacting to just one week of results. Unfortunately, for those of us who look to overanalyze all things college football, week one rankings are almost as insignificant as preseason rankings. Remember folks, Ohio State lost early on last season to Virginia Tech, and ended up winning the national championship, so don’t throw in the towel just yet. The average college football fan would probably have reactions to the week that look something like this.

The SEC has 10 teams in the AP Poll! They must sill be the best conference.

Photo courtesy of csbsports.com

Photo courtesy of csbsports.com

Hardly. The AP poll is notorious in siding with the SEC. Mississippi State struggled with South Mississippi, giving up over 400 yards of offense, yet they got ranked. Auburn did not look like a top-10-team after squeaking by Louisville, and those three interceptions are also a call for concern. I will give Alabama credit; they looked sharp in their opener, but it didn’t warrant Wisconsin falling from the ranks. The Badgers lost their leading tackler from a year ago in Michael Caputo on the first drive of the game. Also the fact that Northwestern or BYU didn’t crack the top 25 over Mississippi State is unjust.

The Big Ten flopped

Minnesota played a tough game against TCU, and should be very proud of holding one of the best offenses in football to 23 points. Northwestern defeated Stanford. Ohio State looked like Ohio State. Nebraska had some struggles, but ultimately had an unfortunate end against BYU (fair to call it karma for the Huskers’ Hail Mary win against Northwestern several years ago). Michigan…we’ll get to that. Wisconsin is battling some injuries, and is breaking in a new offensive line that will take time to develop. Overall, let’s not make quick judgments on conferences just yet.

Harbaugh was all hype

Michigan played a good Utah team, which took advantage of Michigan quarterback Jake Ruddock’s inability to throw the ball greater than five yards. Michigan looked better than last season’s dumpster fire, but one constant remains: no quarterback play. The fact is that Michigan needs quarterback play that can spread defenses out so eight defenders aren’t constantly in the box. As the season progresses, I expect to see notable improvement from all areas of the Michigan team, but not from a 5th year senior in Ruddock.

What to look for in week two

Michigan State and Oregon. How will Oregon’s Vernon Adams play? How will Michigan State’s defense look after playing poorly against Western Michigan? Can Notre Dame live up to the hype they are getting after week one? Will Michigan bounce back? How good is Tennessee–can they beat Oklahoma? How many yards will Leonard Fournette put up against Mississippi State’s depleted front? Stay tuned.

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