5 Times it’s Acceptable to Hate a Team

We’ve all been there. We’ve all watched as that one team we hate with a passion that burns hotter than the deepest pit of Hell wins a title, wins a game, wins $2 on a scratch-off lottery ticket while we’re stuck with our team who only wins a “free game.” It’s the worst. Heck, it’s worse than the worst, because every time this happens you know there’s gonna be that one guy who wants to rub it in.

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But this post isn’t about fans (entirely, at least). No, this post is about those teams that you hate, whether for a real, deep, personal reason, or for seemingly no other reason than that you hate them for who they are. If anyone ever asks you why you hate *INSERT OBJECT OF  DISDAIN HERE* just come to this handy list of 5 times it’s acceptable to hate a team.

1. When it’s a legitimate rivalry.

When I say rivalry, I’m not talking, like, the Bucks suddenly thinking they belong on the same court as the Bulls after years of never being even close. No, this reason is reserved for those rivalries that have a deep history running thick with blood–your Yankees-Red Sox, your UNC-Dukes, your Bears-Packers (okay, so Jay’s boys haven’t competed that well recently, but there’s a history there nonetheless), and everything in between. If you are on one side or the other of a rivalry like this, you’d be wrong NOT to hate that other team.

2. When their fans are obnoxious.

Ever meet that guy or gal who’s so pumped for the next, let’s say, Minnesota Wild game that they just can’t help but stop you on the street, wave you over, and let you know about it? Or those belligerent fans who get really drunk and then think it’s okay to throw their beer nine rows down? Yeah, it’s those people who single-handedly can turn a team that you’re totally neutral to into a reason for intense hatred. I never hated the Wild before this year; I do now.

3. When they always win.

Every. Single. Year. Even if they aren’t good, these are the teams that it feels like they do nothing but win titles season after season after season. And it always seems like they buy their way to victory. Do you hate the Yankees? How ’bout the Lakers or Celtics? The Patriots? Alabama? Real Madrid? Chelsea? The list goes on. And if you hate any of the above, you are justified. Continue on in your hatred.

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4. When they’re Notre Dame.

Everyone hates Notre Dame. Wait–this is the part where some Notre Dame fan tells me that everyone loves the Fighting Irish because they’re “America’s Team” or some rhetoric like that. That’s something that literally ONLY Notre Dame fans think. Every good person on Earth hates Notre Dame. The best part? You don’t even really need a reason. Hate Notre Dame because Notre Dame.



5. When they break your heart.

Sports are hard for the players. Some will tell you it’s harder for the fans. I mean, how can you continue to watch, year-in and year-out, when your team can only come so close before blowing it again? Yes, I know Cubs fans who’ve turned from grace because of some Streak or Curse, and as much as I hate to admit it, there’s some reason behind it. It’s like if you promise your fiancé that you’ll eventually get married, but keep getting cold feet and hiding out in Siberia for a couple of months. I’ve seen it happen about a hundred and six times. Always ends in hate.

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