Why Kentucky Won’t Go All The Way

An undefeated team that has not faced a challenging opponent all season – what stands in the way of University of Kentucky, the number one pick to win the whole tournament? Kentucky is the dream team and, if they win it all, will be the first team since the 1976 Indiana University Hoosiers to be the undefeated champions. It seems almost impossible for Kentucky to lose from this point on, so I ask again, what stands in their way? I offer one reason: the fact that they are undefeated.

Allow me to explain. The Kentucky players are extremely confident and they have the right to be, they are truly THAT good. But that cockiness can go too far. The attitude they hold is because they are so excellent at the game that they have never tasted or even come close to defeat. And how does a team get better? By playing teams better than themselves and by making mistakes. Kentucky however, seems to be the best (at least in their conference) and has no one to improve themselves against. If you can’t get better, you can’t guarantee you’re the best. Yes, Kentucky is undefeated, arbitrarily marking them as the best team, but that does not guarantee anything. I didn’t see undefeated Florida State win the national football title this year and they were defending champions, too. The best? Nope. Too cocky? Quite possibly.

Kentucky is certainly the top in their division, but don’t forget about the other number one and two seed teams out there. They all have a bone to pick with Kentucky, and what better place to do it than in the March Madness tournament. Kentucky is going to walk all over Hampton and Cincinnati, absolutely crushing them. And that’s because Kentucky is the big, overly cocky bully of the NCAAB playground who kicks all the little teams’ butts. But where will Kentucky’s attitude go when it is presented with an actual challenge? Straight down the drain. If Kentucky starts losing and losing bad, they are going to get scared and not know what to do because they have never lost a game this whole season. Experience is gold, and when it comes to learning from loses, Kentucky is as poor as the man walking out of a casino in only his underwear.

When it comes down to it, Kentucky means business. But is it enough? Is being the best really what will win the tournament for them? If you want to hear a bold prediction, I give you mine: I truly believe Kentucky can (and probably will) win this tournament. However, if a team is able to get them down and keep a lead on them, Kentucky will struggle. The only time Kentucky was down was against Ole Miss and that game went to overtime. Kentucky barely came out with a win, 89-86 OT. Again, if a team can get a lead over Kentucky, Kentucky is going to struggle. Oh, and just for the record, Hampton led Kentucky 4-3 in the first half on March 19, 2015. There we have it ladies and gentleman, it is possible to lead Kentucky, and if Hampton can do it, I think teams like Duke or Arizona can easily do it. Only time will tell. Until next time, good day and good luck.

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